Castle for sale in the heart of Touraine, France Once Home To the Marquis de La Fayette

Castle For Sale In The Heart of Touraine, France Was Once Home To The Marquis de La Fayette

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Imagine owning your own castle and one that was once owned by the Marquis de La Fayette! You can as the castle in Touraine, France is now available. The property is located in the Loire Valley at the edge of a small village For just under 2 million, the home offers exquisite rooms and lush grounds. 

Touraine is a region located in the heart of France famous for its castles and its wines and is often associated with the good life. Here the castles of Azay le Rideau, Langeais, Chenonceau, Amboise and Chinon
are particularly renowned. Touraine is and has been the source of
inspiration for many writers such as François Rabelais, Pierre de
Ronsard, Leonardo da Vinci, Honore de Balzac, Descartes or Alfred de
Vigny, Paul Louis Courier, Jules Michelet and Gustave Flauber.

Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette was
born on September 6, 1757, in the province of Auvergne, France. His
father was killed while fighting against the British in the Seven
Years’ War (1756–63). His mother and grandfather died when
he was thirteen, leaving him a wealthy orphan. After studying in the
Collège du Plessis in Paris, France, Lafayette joined the French
army in 1771. In 1773 he married Adrienne de Noailles. However, he was
not ready to settle down to the life of a wealthy man. After the
outbreak of the American Revolution, he volunteered to help the new
country in its fight against France’s historic enemy, England.

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Castle For Sale In The Heart of Touraine, France Was Once Home To The Marquis de La Fayette